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10 December 2009 | Statement from UNDP Administrator Helen Clark on the Occasion of International Human Rights Day
One of the founding principles of the United Nations is our faith in the dignity and worth of every person, without distinction on the basis of race, colour, sex, language, religion, property, birth or other status. Today, however, on International Human Rights Day, we are reminded that discrimination in all its forms continues to undermine this principle.

10 December 2008 | Human Rights Day Statement by UNDP Administrator, 10 December 2008
Today we  commemorate  the 60th anniversary, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.   Seldom has a document exerted such a moral, political and legal influence, well beyond the aspirations of its original drafters. Adopted by UN Member States as a consensual and global normative framework for the promotion and protection of human rights, Member States aptly proclaimed it as the “common standard of achievement for all people and all nations.

16 October 2008 | Message by Kemal Dervis, Administrator of UNDP on the Occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
This year’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty comes at a particularly challenging time for the world’s poor. While we are yet to see the full impact of the global financial crisis on developing countries, it’s clear that together with high and volatile food and fuel prices, current global economic conditions threaten the gains that have been made to reduce poverty and advance development for large numbers of people.

28 November 2007 | Climate Change and Development: The central challenge of our time
Imagine that a huge asteroid is hurtling towards Earth. Scientists tell us that there is a ten percent chance of a collision in 10 years and the consequences of its impact will be catastrophic. Your government advises you not to panic and reminds you that there is a 90 percent chance that the asteroid will miss the Earth. Do you decide not to worry, or do you demand that your government mobilizes all of the resources at its disposal to eliminate the risk?

08 December 2006 | Message of the UNDP Administrator Kemal Dervis
on the occasion of Human Rights Day, 10 December 2006

"UNDP emphasizes that a human rights-based framework is essential in bringing about more equitable development. The UN Secretary-Generalís High Level Panel report, Delivering as One, published last month, argues that actions to integrate human rights into all aspects of the UNís work will help to make our development efforts significantly more effective."

05 December 2006 | Message from the UNDP Administrator
on International Volunteer Day

"On this day we wish to commemorate the spirit of volunteerism and the commitment of individual volunteers giving their expertise to improve the lives of others. We are grateful to each and every volunteer, around the world, for making a valuable contribution in advancing human development, inclusive growth and sustainable peace."

16 October 2006 | Message by Kemal Dervis, UNDP Administrator, on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17 October 2006
The theme for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2006 - "Working Together Out of Poverty" - signals that eradicating poverty requires a collective commitment to address the diverse dimensions of poverty. The United Nations Development Programme, as the UNís global development network, is committed to this endeavour.

13 July 2006 | Keeping the G8ís Promises to the Poor
Kemal Dervis: "Gleneagles concluded with ambitious promisesópromises which must be kept in St. Petersburg. If these summits are to have meaning, each one must lead to concrete steps towards lasting improvement in the daily lives of the worldís poor Ė and bring us closer to effective multilateralism."

28 April 2006 | Statement by Kemal Dervis, UNDP Administrator, at the Special Commemorative Session of the UN General Assembly devoted to Chernobyl, 28 April 2006
"As the United Nations Coordinator of International Cooperation on Chernobyl, I am pleased that the United Nations has been able to play a prominent role in the many commemorative events that have been held to mark this solemn 20th anniversary. It is an occasion both to remember the enormous human cost of the Chernobyl disaster and take stock of the many problems that linger two decades later."

26 April 2006 | Statement Attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster
As we look back over the past two decades, we need to remember the selfless heroism of the emergency workers who responded to the accident; the suffering of the more than 330,000 people who were resettled from contaminated regions; the risks and fears experienced by millions of people living in surrounding areas; and the painstaking and costly measures undertaken over many years to limit the populationís exposure to radiation and to mitigate the accidentís impact on health and the natural environment.

24 April 2006 | Speech by Mr. Kalman Mizsei UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Assistant Administrator
"The human impact of the Chornobyl accident has been far more disturbing than the fate of the damaged reactor. Yet the residents of the region have yet to see a comparable outpouring of international financial generosity to assist in their own recovery."

08 March 2006 | Statement by Kemal Dervis, UNDP Administrator, on the occasion of the International Womenís Day, 8 March 2006
"Newly-elected women leaders give hope to women worldwide that from the highest political level to the most personal, equality between women and men is a goal that can be achieved. On this International Womenís Day, UNDP reaffirms its commitment to ensure that we help to provide women with the capacity to make this goal a reality."

09 December 2005 | Statement by Kemal Dervis, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme on the occasion of Human Rights Day, 10 December 2005
"The international language of human rights has become widely accepted and spoken in the fifty-seven years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was underlined in September, when global leaders at the 2005 World Summit firmly stated that human rights along with development, peace, and security are the pillars of the United Nations system."

05 December 2005 | Message from Kemal Dervis on International Volunteer Day, 5 December 2005
"In this, my first message on occasion of International Volunteer Day as Administrator of UNDP, I welcome the opportunity to applaud the efforts of volunteers worldwide who, together with the United Nations and the international community, are contributing to global efforts to fight extreme poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)."

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