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The UN Office in Belarus was opened in 1992 “to support and supplement the national efforts in solving the most important problems of economic development and promoting social progress and a better standard of life.” Today, eleven UN organizations, programmes and funds are physically present in Belarus and comprise the United Nations Country Team (UNCT): UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNAIDS, World Bank, IFC, IMF, ILO, WHO, UN DPI, and IOM. A number of non-resident UN agencies (such as IAEA, UN ECE, UNIDO, UNCTAD, FAO) also provide technical assistance to Belarus.

In accordance with the letter and spirit of UN Reform, which objective at the country level is to ensure faster and more effective development operations and accelerate progress to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the UN Country Team in Belarus works coherently to deliver more and better for the benefit of the people of host country.

Two UNCT ExCom agencies with multi-year programmes, UNDP and UNICEF, have harmonized their programme cycles (2006-2010), and UNFPA – while considering opportunities to transfer to a multi-year programme – is implementing the CPAP for 2006-2010; the other agencies work on annual or bi-annual basis.

The UN Country Team in Belarus has developed the Joint Results Matrix (JRM) for 2006-2010, which outlines outcomes and sub-outcomes to be attained by the UNCT in six major areas: sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction; health improvement; effective and accountable governance; migration management and combating organized crime; environment protection; and Chernobyl (cross-cutting). The attainment of the JRM outcomes is facilitated, inter alia, through the work of the following UN theme groups:

The UN Country Team in Belarus has made considerable progress towards a common UN presence in the country while capitalizing on the strengths and comparative advantages of the different members of the UN family. Though the “One UN” is not piloted in Belarus, certain elements of “One UN” are already present in the work of the United Nations Country Team in Belarus.

For instance, the Agreement between the UN and the Government of Belarus relating to the Establishment of the UN Interim Office in Minsk of 15 May 1992 provides sufficient legal basis for a UN Office as a legal entity. UNDP, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UN DPI and UNICEF share the UN House. The UNCT agencies also share a big number of common services.

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