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Report 2004-2005
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National Human Development Report 2004-2005


We are pleased to present to you a publication about the human development of Belarus, intended not only as a source of background data on this country, but also as a spotlight on the main issues that remain to be resolved at the present moment to improve the lives of ordinary Belarusians. Written by a team of national experts in different fields and from different government and research institutions, it takes a local perspective of these issues.

One principal theme of this report is the choice of the appropriate pace and sequence of reform. The reports analysis of the main related problems, the options considered and the actions recommended will have an impact on the lives of many ordinary Belarusians.

For Belarusians, the Report will contribute to broadening a national debate and consensus building on the future priorities of reform. As an account of the experiences of a nation in transition, the report can also provide a source of ideas and useful information for multiple international audiences.

pdf. 7,15 Mb (full report)

pdf. 276 Kb (part I)

pdf. 575 Kb (part II)

pdf. 1,13 Mb (part III)

pdf. 2,17 Mb (part IV)

pdf. 763 Kb (part V)

pdf. 476 Kb (part VI)

pdf. 263 Kb (part VII)

pdf. 34,4 Kb (part VIII)

pdf. 1,22 Mb (part IX)

pdf. 301 Kb (part X)

pdf. 306 Kb (part XI)

pdf. 36,2 Kb (part XII)  


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