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Family Health Project Completed

The “Family Health” joint project of the UNDP, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ministry of Emergencies of Belarus was officially completed yesterday in Stolin (Brest Region) within the final Health Fair. The long-term objective of the project was to improve health of population leaving in the Chernobyl-affected communities of Stolin District.

The project was launched in summer 2007 to improve training of healthcare professionals and teachers on healthy maternity, fatherhood and childhood, as well as safe living in the areas polluted with radio nuclides. Some medical workers were trained skills of organizing peer-to-peer education to pass the knowledge and skills gained within the project to those not involved in the project activities. A number of trainings were arranged for local teachers on teaching children and young people healthy lifestyles.

In 2008, the Information and Advisory Center “Dialogue” was opened on the premises of the Stolin Central District Hospital with the support of the project. Individual advisory assistance by the center specialists was provided to 200 people, more than half of them were children and teenagers under 18. Consultations by obstetrician-gynecologist and psychologists were the most demanded by the center visitors.

Thematic classes for pregnant women, nursing mothers and their families were conducted twice a month on the premises of rural medical laboratories and first-aid stations of 9 communities of Stolin District. Each of the target communities hosted Health Fairs where information materials were distributed, specialists gave their advice, and all comers had an opportunity to have their foodstuff tested on the content of Cesium-137 or have their body checked for radio nuclides content by Whole Body Counter (WBC). Sporting competitions “Father, Mother and Myself are a Sporty Family” were arranged within each fair to promote healthy lifestyles.

As Project Manager Viktoryia Drabysheuskaya pointed out at the final meeting, the implementation of the planned activities would have not been possible without close cooperation with the project partners, including the Ministry of Emergencies, authorities of Stolin District, National Science and Research Unitary Enterprise “Institute of Radiology” (Gomel) and its Brest branch, Pinsk State Medical College, and others. USAID Project Manager Jahor Novikau in his turn expressed hope that the heritage of the completed project would include both technical outcomes (the local population trained healthy lifestyle skills; computers, other office equipment, and medical equipment procured for rural medical centers and the Stolin district hospital; thematic information and visual materials and videos produced) and united and harmonious families.

For more information please refer to Viktoryia Drabysheuskaya, Project Manager, phone in Pinsk +375 165 35 85 12, or Vladislav Khilkevich, UNDP Communications Associate, phone in Minsk +375 17 227 38 17.

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