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EU/UNDP Project Introduces Belarusian Delegation to International Best Practices of Public-Private Partnership

EU/UNDP Project Introduces Belarusian Delegation to International Best Practices of Public-Private PartnershipA five day educational trip to Germany for the representatives of ministerial top authorities, oblast executive committees, banking and research institutions was organized in early November 2013 by the joint EU/UNDP and Ministry of Economy project on public-private partnership (PPP) with the support of the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

During the trip, the participants visited the PPP Unit in Germany (ÖPP AG Partnerschaften Detschland), learned about its structure and role in PPP project support, studied the practices of development and implementation of government policies in the PPP area, familiarized themselves with the ways of project funding. The participants also visited the implemented PPP projects in the field of social and economic development of the infrastructure.

The program of the event allowed the Belarusian representatives to witness the way PPP models are used in practice. In Berlin, the delegation visited the project in the area of traffic regulation “Management of Visual Alarm Road Systems” and the project on construction of a waste incineration station. The delegation also learned about the principles of implementation of energy-saving technologies at the reconstruction of real estate, building electric power stations and arrangement of street lighting. The PPP Unit carried out a range of presentations and discussions for the trip participants familiarizing them with the PPP project funding methodology.

In order to see the PPP project implementation on the federal level, the Belarusian delegation visited a number of projects in Frankfurt and Eisenach, such as the construction of a toll highway, a hospital (Hochtaunusclinics Clinics), an administrative centre and an educational institution.

The trip participants have observed that the FRG experience in the PPP mechanisms application and creation of an institutional environment for the implementation of infrastructural projects testifies to the formation of a cooperative culture between the state and business in Germany, establishment of accumulated practice for the implementation of such projects, functioning of a single state policy in the PPP area, and development of  necessary legislative frameworks.

As the Project Manager, Elena Daderkina, observes, “the obtained knowledge will facilitate the drafting of consistent proposals on the capacity development of the public-private partnership in Belarus”.

For further information, please contact the project Event Manager Ms Sviatlana Sous, tel.: + 375 17 263 43 37, 375 29 345 96 46, e-mail: .

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