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ICT Center Opens in Vietka

A ceremony of the opening of the Center for Access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) established within the framework of the Development of International Chernobyl Research and Information Network (ICRIN) Project was held yesterday in Vietka (the Homiel Region). People living in Vietka and nearby districts can now visit the ICT Center at their convenience and use modern computers offering access to high–speed Internet.

According to ICRIN Project Manager Ivan Zatsepin, ICT centers can give an impetus to self–development of local households and can encourage their initiative. Experience of similar centers established in Russia and Ukraine has demonstrated that residents of villages having access to information feel more confident and motivated.

ICT Center was opened in the Vietka district library. The event was timed to the Day of Libraries celebrated in Belaruson 15 September. In addition to the opportunity of information search via Internet, the visitors can use e–mail, Skype, scanners and printers.

“ICT Center is a unique opportunity for our town and district, – Sjarhei Koncits, Chairman of the Vietka District Executive Committee, said at the opening ceremony. – We should not limit its use just to education purposes and should maximize all possible uses”. Addressing the audience, Valentina Stalyho, UNDP Programme Manager, emphasized the essential role of information in today’s world and urged to use it for the implementation of new ideas for the Vietka regional development.

Vietka became the first town where an ICT Cente was opened. Within a month similar Internet access points will be opened in the towns of Jeĺsk and Čerikau and in the Iljich village (the Rahačoŭ district) and the Liutvinavičy village (the Karmjansky district).

Prior to the openings, the ICRIN project had organized computer literacy trainings for potential users of the centers. A video of the recent training in Vietka can be downloaded at–muz2nwWkPM.

For reference: The United Nations Development Programme has been collaborating with the town of Vietkafor a couple of years. In 2009–2010 UNDP/EU joint project “Area Based Development of the Chernobyl–Affected Areas of Belarus” supported renovation of a children's playground near a 60–apartment building,  refurbishment of a gym for disabled children under the Center for Social Services to Households, procurement of physiotherapeutic equipment and developmental toy sets for kindergarten N3 in Vietka. Every new project contributes to the improvement of household living standards and creates yet another incentive for local community development.

The project “Development of International Chernobyl Research and Information Network” (ICRIN) is a joint effort of the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The national implementing agency is the Ministry on Emergencies of the Republicof Belarus.

For further information, please contact Esmira Ismailova, the project PR Specialist, tel.: +375 17 226–11–15, +375 29 948–95–87, e–mail: .

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