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60 ideas which have changed the life in Homiel Region

The overall results of the joint EU/UNDP Action “Combat the Negative Effects of Chernobyl Disaster in Belarus” were presented during the final press-conference in Minsk yesterday. This Action has been implemented since July 2009 in 4 target districts in Homiel Region (Choiniki District, Zytkavicy District, Vietka District, Buda-Kasaliova District). The Action’s main objectives included:

- To enhance civic activism in addressing socio-economic issues in the areas affected by the Chernobyl Disaster through support of the project initiatives generated by local communities;

- To promote economic development of the affected areas through local resources mobilization, creation of new jobs and sources of income for the local population.

Mr. Farid Garakhanov, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, reported that 60 local project initiatives in the field of healthcare, energy efficiency, sports and human security were implemented in the Chernobyl-affected areas during this year. The total amount of the EU/UNDP funding of the project initiatives exceeded 948,000 USD. A matching amount has been contributed by the local administration in target districts which doubled the positive impact of the local projects.

The Action succeeded in implementing  such ideas as establishment of the motorcycling club in Zytkavicy town, the table tennis school in Khalch village of Vietka District, the mountain bike club in Buda-Kasaliova District; a number of schools and kindergartens in Homiel Region became a warmer and cosier place to study in and develop children’s talents, as new windows, doors, and heating systems were installed; numerous rural local outpatients' clinics have installed modern medical equipment, which will help improve the quality of healthcare services for the local population.

Over 9500 persons have benefitted from the joint Action activities undertaken in the target Districts. One of the recognized positive outputs of the Action is the increased involvement of local communities in socio-economic development of their respective districts. ”This is a major success of the Action, – Jean-Eric Holzapfel, EU Charge d’Affaires, said. – Currently, we are planning further work in this direction in cooperation with UNDP Belarus CO and our partners in the Government of Belarus using the accumulated knowledge and experience."

Within the economic component of the Action, a series of business ideas fairs and vacancy fairs were held in each of the four target districts in Homiel Region. Besides, young entrepreneurs had a chance to take part in 20 free-entry seminars on the legislation and national market of the country, entrepreneurship opportunities in the Homiel Region organized by the project.

”This Action allowed building a dialogue with the population, gave a new perspective for effective and successful public-private partnerships,” – said Viktor Averin, Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus for Education, Science, Culture and Social Development.

By all accounts, the joint EU/UNDP Action is a great success. It shows a good example of effective cooperation between international organizations, national and local authorities, and the local population.

For more information, please, contact Alena Sedach, PR Specialist of the project, tel. (+375 17) 256 14 57, mobile: (+375 44) 786 55 56, e-mail: .


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