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Separated Municipal Waste Collection and Composting Started in Masty

Separated Municipal Waste Collection and Composting Started in MastyA ceremony of transferring equipment for municipal waste collection was held on 12 December in Masty (the Hrodna Region). The equipment had been procured within the framework of the joint project of the European Union and the UN Development Programme “Support to the development of a comprehensive framework for international environmental cooperation in the Republic of Belarus”.

More than 150 eurocontainers for source-separated collection of plastics, paper and glass, over 900 containers for organic (biodegradable) waste (such as food wastes, plant residues and etc.), garbage trucks and a bulldozer for environmentally sound landfill disposal worth of over US$ 500 were transferred to the Masty Public Utility Company.

The project efforts focus on the three key waste management areas: alignment of the Belarusian legislation with the respective EU regulations; adoption of the best international practices; improvement of source-separated waste collection in the Kobryn district (the Brest Region) and the Masty district (the Hrodna Region) and public information and awareness campaign.

The distinctive feature of separated waste collection strategy in Masty is adoption of the new practice of composting at the household level in the districts dominated by individual private houses. The procured bio-composting equipment will be provided for free to the Masty residents who will use compost at their subsidiary land plots.

– We are confident that new technologies, international experience, procured equipment and information campaign targeting households will yield results and Masty will soon become an example to follow for other towns in Belarus, – said Farid Garakhanov, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Belarus.

For further information, please contact Alena Sedach, EU/UNDP Project PR Specialist, phone: +375 17 267-96-23, +375 044 786-55-56, e-mail: .

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