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In recent years, Belarus has been faced with increasing problems associated with the traffic and transit of illicit drugs while at the same time drug consumption rates have been steadily rising. The BUMAD regional Programme, a Programme of Assistance for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking in Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova, aims at reducing drug trafficking from and through these countries to EU member states. The programme, which is funded by the European Union, aims at building Belarus national capacity to combat illegal drug trafficking, in partnership with the Ministries of Interior and Health, State Boarder Guard and Customs Committees and relevant NGOs, to prevent this from becoming a mainstream developmental issue for the country.

Additional information about the “Programme of Assistance for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova” can be found at:


Over the past decade, trafficking in human beings has reached epidemic proportions. No country is immune. It is believed to grow fastest in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. While there is no reliable data on the number of citizens of Belarus who are being trafficked abroad, assessments vary between tens and thousands of persons a year. UNDP works to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the State Border Guard Committee, and NGOs to combat trafficking in the women of Belarus and to reduce illegal migration into both Belarus and the European Union. The EU-funded UNDP project on ‘Combating Women Trafficking’ contributed to the development of trans-border cooperation between Belarus and the European Union in the areas of justice and domestic affairs. The project allowed to develop a prevention strategy through the creation of a database the establishment of a hotline and a series of public awareness initiatives as well as helping to protect victims of human trafficking through the construction of shelter facilities.

Another project, “Preventing, Fighting and Addressing the Social Consequences of Trafficking in Human Beings in the Republic of Belarus”, has become a logical continuation of the previous one. It has extended knowledge and skills of specialists of educational establishments in prevention of trafficking in human beings, improved effectiveness of the system of social assistance and rehabilitation of victims of trafficking, enhanced capacity of the law-enforcement agencies in prosecution of criminals, improved cooperation of the relevant agencies and organizations, and raised public awareness about the issue of human trafficking.



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