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Project Number:


Project Title:

00083232 Linking Environment and Security in Belarus


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Project Objective & Brief Description:

The project aims to promote environmental sustainability in Belarus taking into consideration the security aspect with a special focus on regional cooperation. The project will facilitate stronger and more efficient use of EU and UN legal instruments and practices, better understanding of them and stronger capacity for their application in Belarus and higher environmental awareness on all levels of the society, in particular in the cross-border and international perspectives. Activities will be performed to reduce environmental risks through a stronger national legislation and establishing and strengthening the contacts and connections of Belarus’ professionals, civil society and the media with the international community facilitating access to modern practices and enhanced dialogue over environmental issues at different levels (inter-sectoral, central vs. local, NGOs vs. authorities, media). The project has three components. Component 1 aims at supporting regional instruments for environmental protection and cooperation including regional coordination of the project activities with the key international stakeholders. Component 2 deals with public awareness and participation in environmental decision-making. Component 3 will facilitate effective regional coordination of the project activities with national and international stakeholders including the EnvSec and UNECE.

Project Duration:

07/2013 – 12/2014

Project Location:


Project Budget:

US$ 495,426

Major sources of project financing:

The Government of Sweden via the Environment and Security Initiative

Project delivery in previous fiscal years:

MDG Focus:

Frameworks and strategies for sustainable development

Designated Institution:

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus

National Coordinator:


Contact Persons:

UNDP Programme Officer:
Igor Tchoulba
Tel. (cell): 375 (17) 327-48-76
E-mail: igar.tchoulba@undp.org

Project Document:

Project Document

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