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Project Number:


Project Title:

00082884 Landscape approach to management of peatlands aiming at multiple ecological benefits


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Project Objective & Brief Description:

The objective of the project is to promote a landscape approach to management of peatlands so as to conserve biodiversity, enhance carbon stocks, and secure multiple ecosystem services with demonstration in the Poozerie landscape. The project proposes an integrated approach to decision-making on peatland use that takes into account ecological as well as economic criteria, and considers carbon benefits that may be derived from participation in the voluntary and compliance markets, in addition to biodiversity, land degradation and SFM benefits. A National Strategy for Weatlands Management including a scheme for peatlands management will be developed as a consensus policy document; demonstrations of the restoration and sustainable use of peatlands will take place in a number of sites ranging from protected areas, to agricultural and forested peatlands. The existing MRV protocol for emission reductions from peatlands will be extended to agriculture and forestry biotopes.

Project Duration:

03/2013 Ц 10/2017

Project Location:


Project Budget:

3 090 900 USD

Major sources of project financing:

GEF Ц 2 700 900 USD
UNDP Ц 390 000 USD

Project delivery in previous fiscal years:


MDG Focus:

Frameworks and strategies for sustainable development

Designated Institution:

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus

National Coordinator:

Mr. Vladimir G. Tsalko,
Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus

Contact Persons:

Project Manager:
Aliaksei Artsiusheuski
E-mail: aliaksei.artsiusheuski@undp.org

Administrative-Finance Assistant:
Natallia Sabolevskaya
E-mail: natalya.sabolevskaya@undp.org

UNDP Programme Officer:
Igor Tchoulba
Tel.: +375 (17) 327-48-76
E-mail: igar.tchoulba@undp.org

Project Document:

Project Document

Project Reports/Publications:


Project Press Releases:


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