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Project Number:


Project Title:

00069409 Development of International Chernobyl Research and Information Network (ICRIN)


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Project Objective & Brief Description:


People living in contaminated areas continue to suffer lasting uncertainty over the actual effects of the Chernobyl accident. There is still little awareness and limited popular knowledge of the degree to which radiation is a hazard and of how individuals and households can take practical measures to reduce their radiation exposure risk. The lack of appropriate information has caused the low level of adaptation to the new environment, which has also inhibited individuals and communities from taking proactive steps to improve local living conditions.


Providing the information to Chernobyl-affected communities of Belarus on internationally-recognized, objective scientific knowledge, adapted to be understandable to information consumers. The project will target people and communities living in the areas contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster. In Belarus, the project will work in 21 most affected regions of the Gomel, Mogilev and Brest oblasts.

Activities & Expected Results:

The project will focus on the following outputs:

(1) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) points providing access to reliable, comprehensible and practical information on Chernobyl issues will be established;
(2) information on healthy lifestyles will be delivered through locally-based information and education initiatives (workshops and exercises);
(3) trainings for media representatives and journalists on the levels of radiation, exposure risks and socio-economic development of Chernobyl-affected areas will be organized;
(4) community-driven “safer-living” initiatives as self-expressed priority health, ecological or socio-economic projects will be implemented. The initiatives will focus on safe agricultural production, promotion of healthy lifestyles for youth, health outpost rehabilitation, small scale water supply, etc.

This will result in:

a) providing the residents of Chernobyl-affected areas with access to information resources and build the capacity in exploiting internet-based information and education resources;
b) deliver of consistent, practical, easy to understand information that meets self-expressed needs of the people on the levels of radiation and exposure risks to facilitate recovery and socio-economic development of Chernobyl-affected areas;
c) help launching a public awareness campaign on Chernobyl-related issues and to promote healthier and safer living;

d) tackle the priority health, environmental and socio-economic needs of Chernobyl-affected communities by implementing community-based “safer living” projects.

Project Duration:


Project Location:

Minsk, Mogilev, Gomel and Brest districts, Belarus

Project Budget:

US$ 328,446

Major sources of project financing:


Project delivery in previous fiscal years:

In 2010: US$ 62,000. Total: US$ 62,000

MDG Focus:


Designated Institution:

Ministry on Emergencies of the Republic of Belarus

National Coordinator:

Nikolai Tsybulko, Deputy Head of the Department for Mitigation of the Consequences of the catastrophe at Chernobyl NPP, the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Belarus
Phone: (+375 17) 227 58 71

Contact Persons:

Project Manager: Ivan Zatsepin
Phone: (+ 375 17) 328 61 73

Task Coordinator: Svetlana Zinkevich
Phone: (+ 375 17) 328 61 73

Communications Specialist: Esmira Ismailova
Phone: (+ 375 17) 328 61 73

Administrative and Finance Assistant: Volha Artsiukh
Phone: (+ 375 17) 328 61 73

UNDP Programme Officer: Valiantsina Stalyho
Phone: (+375 17) 227 48 76; Fax: (+375 17) 226 03 40

Project Document:

Project document 

Project Reports/Publications:


The following results have been achieved under the Project in 2010

Project Press Releases:

29 December 2010 | Results of two contests launched by ICRIN project have been announced (in Russian)


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