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Project Number:


Project Title:

00057626 Assisting the Government of the Republic of Belarus in Accession to the World Trade Organization through Strengthening National Institutional Capacity and Expertise


On-going Projects

Project Objective & Brief Description:

The projects main goal is to assist the Government of Belarus in WTO accession by strengthening national expertise and building institutional capacity to adjust national foreign trade policy as well as by raising public awareness of process and impact of WTO accession.

The project consists of three major components:

1. "Analytical studies aimed at formulation of recommendations for Belarus on issues related to WTO accession completed" shall include preparation of analytical reviews and relevant recommendations on implementation of WTO norms within the context of Belarus' participation in the Common Economic Area and WTO.

The outputs of this component will include recommendations on conducting markets analyses in the service sector in preparation for the WTO negotiations, and an assessment of selected sectors of the domestic services market.

The first component will also include translation from and into English of the national regulations and international treaties of the Republic of Belarus on the application of the national foreign trade regime, and of the informational materials related to WTO accession.

2. "National capacity enhanced to manage different aspects of WTO accession" shall include thematic and consultative workshops on formulation of effective policies on foreign trade for Belarus in light of its accession to WTO, and on the preparation of WTO accession documents, including the Factual Summary (draft report of the Working Party), list of tariff commitments, and list of specific commitments on market access for services.

Assistance shall be provided to ensure participation of specialists from state bodies and organizations in WTO-related events, and technical support to the Belarusian negotiating team shall be provided.
Informational materials and publications will be distributed among relevant stakeholders regarding the application of WTO norms and impact of such norms for the domestic economies of WTO member states.

3. "Increasing public awareness of the WTO accession process" will include round table on the progress of regional integration in light of Belarus accession to WTO. This shall include publication and presentation of analytical reviews on Belarus' participation in the Common Economic Area and WTO.

Project Duration:

03/2008 07/2013

Project Location:


Project Budget:

US$ 595,000

Major sources of project financing:

The Government of the Russian Federation

Project delivery in previous fiscal years:

US$ 490,000

MDG Focus:

Private-sector development

Designated Institution:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

National Coordinator:

Alexander Guryanov

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Phone: +375 17 227 88 17

Contact Persons:

Project Manager: Mr. Aliaksei Vanin
Tel: (+375 29) 697 87 07
Address: Minsk, Surganova 1 (b. 2), room 1214

UNDP Programme Officer: Ms. Ludmila Istomina
Tel/fax: (+375 17) 327 48 76, Fax: (+375 17) 226 03 40
Address: Kirov Street, 17 (6th floor), Minsk, Belarus

Project Document:

Project document

Project Reports/Publications:


The following results have been achieved under the Project in 2009

The following results have been achieved under the Project in 2010

The following results have been achieved under the Project in 2011

Project Press Releases:

4 November 2011 | Accession of Belarus to WTO: achievements and prospects (in Russian)

18 June 2009 | Development of Trade and Promotion of Export in Todays World: Prospects for Belarus


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