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Project Number:


Project Title:

00048429 Catalyzing sustainability of the wetland protected area system in Belarusian Polesie through increased management efficiency and realigned land use practices


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Project Objective & Brief Description:

This project aims to enhance Belarus’ capacity to conserve wetland biodiversity harbored in its network of wetland reserves by enhancing the management efficiency of reserves, while at the same time integrating biodiversity conservation concerns in agricultural, forestry and flood protection activities that occur in and around wetland reserves, to ensure sustainability of conservation efforts. This will be achieved through the demonstration of this approach at four wetland reserves in the Polesie lowland, which is a unique biogeographical area spanning southern Belarus, Northern Ukraine and parts of Poland and Russia. These demonstrations will lead to the development of policies, tools, and methodologies, and these will be institutionalized within the ongoing planning and policy framework of key government bodies.

In order to secure biodiversity values of wetland reserves and reduce threats emanating from unsustainable land use practices, the project approach will be twofold: (1) the project will build up management effectiveness and capacities of the reserves, and (2) it will also help realigning land use regulations and practices in and around wetland protected areas towards conservation-oriented and sustainable land use. In doing so, the project will work with national and regional decision-makers, land users and local communities, as well as counterparts in Ukraine. Finally, the project will develop and implement a viable replication strategy. By demonstrating the feasibility of integrating biodiversity considerations and economic activities in Polesie reserves, Government of Belarus will be able to strengthen the overall system, 60-75% of which consists of protected areas facing similar challenges.

Project Duration:

04/2006 - 12/2011

Project Location:


Project Budget:

US$ 2,191,500

Major sources of project financing:


Project delivery in previous fiscal years:

In 2011: US$ 328,652. Total: US$ 2,209,452

MDG Focus:

Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

Designated Institution:

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus

National Coordinator:

Leontii Khoruzhik, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Phone: +375 17 200 66 91

Contact Persons:

Project Manager: Alexey Artushevsky
tel.: 226-59-54

Scientific Coordinator: Mikhail Moroz
tel.: 226-59-54

Deputy Manager: Natalia Guk
tel.: 226-59-54

UNDP Programme Officer: Mr. Igor Tchoulba

Project Document:

Project Document

Project Reports/Publications:


The following results have been achieved under the Project in 2009

The following results have been achieved under the Project in 2010

The following results have been achieved under the Project in 2011

Project Press Releases:

23 October 2011 | UNDP/GEF Project Brings Back a Rare Flower

7 October 2011 | Second Action on Restoration of Fish Population Held at Pripyat

25 April 2011 | On International Mother Earth Day UNDP Projects Planted Trees and Rescued Amphibiat

19 October 2010 | UNDP/GEF Project Returns Sterlet Back to Pripyat

26 June 2009 | An eco-educational center opened in Sporovsky Nature Reserve

25 June 2007 | Belarusian Wetlands in International Spotlight

29 May 2007 | Information about Peatlands Gets Easier to Access

12 January 2007 | A Belarusian E-Red Book created

8 June 2006 | UNDP/GEF launch new large scale project on wetland biodiversity conservation


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