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Message of the UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown for the Human Rights Day, 10 December 2004
10 December 2004 | UNDP
As we mark International Human Rights Day we remember the many improvements that have been made in human rights and recognize the countless efforts of human rights defenders worldwide. It is also an opportunity when we are forced to recognize that violations of human rights are still frighteningly common. Recent reports from Dafur, Sudan and many other parts of the world bear witness to terrible abuses, where human rights protection is failing miserably. And as we consider specific instances of human rights violations, we too recall that global poverty is also in itself an infringement of human rights, exposing millions of people to a life where human dignity is difficult to uphold.
IDEP 2004 spotlights Youth: a new voice for the Millennium Development Goals
25 October 2004 | UNDP
UNDP marked IDEP 2004 by presenting the Poverty Eradication Awards at the United Nations in New York in recognition of young leaders making the greatest impact towards meeting MDGs. A winner from each of the five world regions received an award. On 22 October 2004, UNDP held its 8th annual Poverty Eradication Awards ceremony at United Nations headquarters.
Visit new UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors web site
18 October 2004 | UNDP
They are at the top of their field, whether it's broadcasting, the literary world or the football stadium. UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors share a deep concern for the poor and a commitment to making the planet a better place, ridding it of poverty, combating HIV/AIDS, ensuring environmental sustainability, protecting human rights, empowering women, thus helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
Annan says UN working on new tools to foster rule of law and transitional justice
06 October 2004 | UNDP
The United Nations is working on developing "important new tools" to strengthen its support for the rule of law and transitional justice in States that are either still facing or just emerging from conflict, Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the Security Council.
Marc Danzon nominated to second term as WHO Regional Director for Europe
07 September 2004 | WHO
Dr Marc Danzon has been nominated to a second five-year term as the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe at this week's session of the WHO European governing body of 52 Member States. Dr Danzon, a French national and the first representative of France to lead a WHO region, announced in February this year that he would run again. No candidate opposed him.
World Day Against Child Labour
14 June 2004 | ILO
Two years ago the International Labour Organization (ILO) declared 12 June the World Day Against Child Labour - to mark and support the worldwide movement for the elimination of child labour.
ILO Director-General cites four key challenges for building a fair globalization
10 June 2004 | ILO
The International Labour Organization (ILO) faces a defining moment in its quest for a fair globalization, Director-General Juan Somavia said in an address to tripartite delegates representing 177 member States at the 92nd International Labour Conference. Following a special session during which heads of state and government, and representatives of workers and employers, hailed the report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization as a platform for new, more coherent policies on globalization, Mr. Somavia presented what he called a series of key challenges to the tripartite delegates for their consideration and guidance.
WHO report finds most serious mental health disorders are untreated
04 June 2004 | WHO
Serious mental health disorders remain largely untreated around the world, with developing countries faring worst but even relatively affluent countries in North America and Western Europe unable to help up to half of their sufferers, according to the findings of a first in a series of studies by the United Nations health agency.
ILO opened its 92nd annual International Labour Conference
02 June 2004 | ILO
Making globalization fair, creating jobs as a means of reducing poverty and promoting development through providing decent work are the foundations for global stability, the Director-General of the International Labour Office, Juan Somavia, declared as the ILO opened its 92nd annual International Labour Conference. The ILO can build a foundation for the future on the basis of the decent work agenda as a development tool, employment as the main route out of poverty and achieving a fair globalization as a source of global stability.
On 1-17 June 92nd International Labour Conference will be held in Geneva
28 May 2004 | ILO
Heads of States and government, ministers of labour and senior representatives of workers and employers will meet here on 1-17 June at the annual Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) to craft a new role for the tripartite labour body in shaping a fair and equitable globalization for all.
HIV/AIDS, SARS, the global strategy on diet, physical activity and health and road safety amongst issues for countries at 57th meeting of the Assembly
17 May 2004 | WHO
The World Health Assembly, bringing the 192 Member States of the World Health Organization together, is set to consider several critical health issues next week. The Assembly is the supreme decision-making body for WHO, and runs this year from 17 - 22 May. It will discuss actions needed to fight HIV/AIDS, to increase safety on the world's roads, a proposed strategy on diet, physical activity and health, a proposed strategy for reproductive health, a resolution on family health, and will receive updates on progress in eradicating polio, controlling measles and SARS.
World at 'critical moment' in fight against HIV/AIDS
12 May 2004 | WHO
With more money, more political will and more attention being paid to HIV/AIDS than ever before, the world has reached a crucial moment in the history of the pandemic and now has an unprecedented opportunity to alter its course, according to a new report released by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Chernobyl: needs great 18 years after nuclear accident
26 April 2004 | UNDP
On the 18th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl power plant, Mr. Jan Egeland, the UNs Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, is urging the international community not to turn its back on the people still affected by the worlds worst nuclear accident.
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control now signed by 100 countries
29 March 2004 | WHO
, Ͳ ' Ͳ Last week, with the signatures of Ecuador and the Republic of Congo, a total of 100 countries and the European Community have so far signed the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).
Drug resistant tuberculosis levels ten times higher in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
18 March 2004 | WHO
Tuberculosis patients in parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia are 10 times more likely to have multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) than in the rest of the world, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report into the deadly infectious disease. China, Ecuador, Israel and South Africa are also identified as key areas.
World Health Organization and scientific journal editors vow to help galvanize mental health research in developing countries
15 March 2004 | WHO
UN health agency launches photo contest to fight pregnancy and abortion deaths
11 March 2004 | WHO
Against a backdrop of over half a million pregnancy and childbirth deaths, 5 million new cases of HIV infection, and nearly 70,000 fatal abortions each year, a United Nations agency launched a photographic contest as part of its efforts to highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive health. The UN World Health Organization (WHO) is inviting photographers from around the world, both amateur and professional, to submit images that capture four key stages in the River of Life as the exhibition is called Love, Life, Illness and Death.
ILO Governing Body's 289th session to discuss "fair globalization" and other issues
10 March 2004 | ILO
Worker, employer and government representatives are holding a wide-ranging debate on the social dimension of globalization at the 289th session of the ILO Governing Body, from 11-26 March. The ongoing session is the first to be held under the second mandate of ILO Director-General Juan Somavia who was re-elected for another five-year term in 2003.
Europes Economic Growth Threatened by AIDS
01 March 2004 | UNDP
HIV/AIDS is a growing challenge for the entire continent of Europe, from Dublin to Moscow, Kalman Mizsei, Regional Director for Europe and the CIS of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), warned European leaders gathered here to discuss a regional response to the epidemic.
WHO releases new report on global problem of oral diseases
24 February 2004 | WHO
Oral diseases such as dental caries (tooth decay), periodontitis (gum disease) and oral and pharyngeal cancers are a global health problem in both industrialized and increasingly in developing countries, especially amongst poorer communities, the World Health Organization (WHO) said today. Announcing the findings of the World Oral Health Report, WHO said that an estimated five billion people worldwide had experienced dental caries.
New Report Warns East European and CIS Policy Makers about the Risks of a Generalized HIV/AIDS Epidemic
17 February 2004 | UNDP
Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States have some of the fastest growing rates of HIV/AIDS infection in the world. The impact is compounded by still insufficient public awareness, frequent stigmatization and lack of adequate policy instruments to cope with the disease. Nonetheless, the region also has success stories, from which valuable lessons should be taken.
Worldwide unemployment sets new record, UN labour agency reports
23 January 2004 | ILO
Global unemployment rose in 2003 to a record of over 185 million, or just over 6 per cent of the labour force, but the worldwide economic recovery in the second half of the year may have helped to improve the situation, the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) says in its annual jobs report, released on 22 January 2004.
Plan to improve diet and health habits to be on agenda of UN agencys annual meeting
22 January 2004 | WHO
A strategy for dealing with major risk factors responsible for the growing worldwide burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer and obesity will be on the agenda of the United Nations health agencys annual meeting later this year.
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