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Working for Belarusians

Working for Belarusians

UNDPI established a presence in Belarus in September 1992, after a decision had been made by then UN Secretary General, Mr. Butros Ghali to open provisional UN country offices in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The primary role in implementing this decision was assigned to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Department of Public Information.

The agreement between Belarus and the United Nations that set the legal framework for the OfficeТs operations reads: УThe Government of the Republic of Belarus has expressed an interest in the United Nations Organisation establishing a provisional office in Minsk with the aim of supporting and strengthening the national effort to resolve the most relevant issues of economic development, fostering socio-economic development and better living standards, and disseminating information and raising public awareness about the role and activity of the Organisation.Ф

Recent scientific and technological advancements in information and communication have raised the profile of public information work. Never before has information become a driving force for advancements in education, promoting dialogue and understanding among cultures, democratisation, freedom of expression, and participatory governance.

As part of the UN country team, the Department facilitates Belarusians access to authoritative information and seeks to increase public awareness on UN efforts to build a more peaceful and secure world and achieve sustainable development. DPI translates and publishes information on UN events, disseminates those materials and processes requests from individuals for information on UN-related issues.

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